Does this sound familiar?

Planning Dry Docking of your vessels is time consuming and often incomplete
> Daily reporting on costs and current status is hard to do
> Comparing docking history of all vessels in your fleet is nearly impossible

With DockMaster® dry dock management and cost control is easily done. With DockMaster® you can prepare, execute and control all dry docking- and repair projects and modifications of seagoing vessels and offshore riggs.

Key features of DockMaster:

> Fast & easy specification preparation by pre-defined jobs
> Create tenders within minutes as pdf- or excel file and send to any selected dockyard
> Compare shipyards by categories or work items
> Comfortable daily reporting with minimum effort
> Easy-to-handle project controlling and detailed cost analysis
> All important data at your fi ngertips in one place

This is DockMaster in detail:

Ready to use:

DockMaster works as browser based application online and offline. On our servers or, if you prefer, on your own server. On your tablet, mobile or laptop.

Tailormade solution:

We customize DockMaster® to meet your special requirements

Comprehensive database:

Pre-defined work items, owner‘s standards, work procedures and crew preparation statements, including 2.295 work items with Chinese standard prices

Simplified and transparent analysis:

Complete history of all dockings, repair projects, afloat repairs and conversions across your fl eet in one database with unified documents

Multiple users possible:

Create different user accounts, e.g. a login for the shipyard to enter their prices directly into the database

All in one database:

Full 24/7 access to all important documents, e.g. UTM reports, class records, technical drawings, engine measurement reports, photos. From any place around the world.


DockMaster brochure
MTS DockMaster Brochure.pdf (940.99KB)
DockMaster brochure
MTS DockMaster Brochure.pdf (940.99KB)