Updated: 02.02.2020

February 2020

SurveyMaster and DockMaster are going to be tested to work with the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser. First tests have been completed successfully. The speed of the new Microsoft Edge is impressive so far, we hope that the new browser will be approved for products shortly. 

December 2019

A new, also cloud based version of the DockMaster system will developed in 2020. The design will follow the design of the SurveyMaster system, the windows based offline modul will be deactivated and replaced with a browser based offline feature.   

November 2019

The modification of the SurveyMaster system for Subsea Global Solutions LLC with head office in Miami has been completed. 

October 2019

The SurveyMaster system can now be used on the following platforms:

Windows 10 + Google Chrome

Windows 10 + Mozilla Firefox

Android tablets + Google Chrome 

IOS tablets + Safari

Above configurations are only valid for the latest versions of each system

April 2019

Subsea Global Solution LLC has contracted Maritime Turnkey Solutions to code tailormade features into the existing SurveyMaster platform. 

February 2019

New feature has been relased: users can now define their own desired vessel technical data fields.

September 2018

SurveyMaster has been updated to app version 2018-09-23

July 2018

 More than 12.000 cars have been inspected without any problems

February 2018

SurveyMaster has been modified for car inspections for the cruise parking industry. Defined damage codes can be set into  a standarized car drawing.