Does this sound familiar? 

> The quality and scope of inspections depends on the inspector
> It takes long until you receive the report
> Important documents or photos are often missing or have to be searched for

With our Inspection App you can systematically plan vessel inspections from your office desktop and execute them utilizing tablets or smartphones. The superintendent or third party surveyor will be guided through the inspection. Findings, photos or comments can be entered or directly attached while onboard. 

SurveyMaster works on- and offline without restrictions. Once there is internet connection available, the report will be uploaded automatically to the server. 

Benefits of our Vessel Inspection App:

> No more paper work, no lost document

> The report is done when the inspection is done> Saves time and money

> Unified inspection reports across your fleet for easy comparison

> All important inspection data at your fingertips in one place

> Improves efficiency and quality of reports

SurveyMaster brochure
MTS Inspection Tool_1.pdf (1.41MB)
SurveyMaster brochure
MTS Inspection Tool_1.pdf (1.41MB)